Execs think your IT budget is bigger than it really is, report says

It often seems like IT has a harder time justifying a budget increase than the other departments in the company. One reason that might be the case: Finance leaders and other execs are misinformed about how big the IT budget actually is. 

Survey: IT hides negative security facts from execs

IT pros often complain that management doesn’t understand the true impact of lax security. But a recent survey shows why some of the blame may lay with IT itself. 

Cloud computing increased costs for 31% of companies, study says

Many businesses are turning to cloud computing services in part to help them cut costs. But a recent report says cloud computing savings may not be all they’re cracked up to be. 

Will IT outsourcing pay off? 5 key questions to ask

IT outsourcing can be a great way for many companies to save money and access new technologies – or it can create huge headaches and cause more problems than it solves. Here’s some help for organizations to decide when to outsource and when to keep services in-house. 

Companies still paying ex-employees’ phone bills

Thanks in part to the new levels of complexity created by BYOD, many companies are paying too much for mobile devices due to mistakes that slip through the cracks. 

5 reasons cloud computing won't save as much as you expect

Cloud computing is the buzz word in IT right now, and many companies are adopting cloud services. But in this guest post, Vanessa Parks offers some reasons organizations may not be getting the benefits they expected. 

Open source software adds costs (according to Microsoft)

Open source software is never completely free, in the financial sense. Even if the applications themselves are available at no cost, businesses still need to pay for support, training, data migration and other needs. But just how much open source costs can be open for debate. 

Report: Most companies pay for security tools they know don’t work

There’s good news in a recent study of companies’ IT budgets: Firms are starting to invest in IT security. But the bad news: They aren’t spending that money in the right places.

3 keys for IT investments that pay off for businesses

IT investments can help companies boost the bottom line – but only if the money is spent wisely. A new report offers some help with how to spend the IT budget. 

Just 30% of companies have a cloud security strategy, survey says

As more organizations turn to cloud computing, IT must rethink its strategy for protecting data. But few companies have a cloud computing security plan in place, according to a new survey.