Internet down? Troubleshooting tips for remote users

As more users work from home, IT must handle more calls from those remote workers. One of the common issues: a lost Internet connection. In this guest post, Debbie Allen offers some tips to pass along to telecommuters so they can troubleshoot web problems on their own. 

This common IT mistake left TV stations open to attack

Even IT pros make security mistakes sometimes, and a common error was behind a recent attack at several TV stations: 

The 10 most dangerous parts of the Internet

IT pros likely understand that websites featuring illegal downloads and other seedy items aren’t necessarily the parts of the Internet most likely to get a computer infected with a virus. But users may not know that, and that could impact their online behavior.

8 reasons to monitor Internet traffic

IT departments and management in all companies have to make a tough decision: How should employee Internet use be monitored and controlled. In this guest post, Casper Manes offers eight arguments in favor of using Internet monitoring tools. 

Half of website administrators didn’t know their sites were hacked

Compromising legitimate websites is a common way for hackers to target Internet users. But site administrators often fail to discover and fix hacked websites. 

The missing piece killing profits at 28% of companies

There’s one common technology that many businesses still aren’t using — and it could be hurting their bottom line: