3 ways malware is bypassing companies’ antivirus software

Most companies are using antivirus software, firewalls and other security tools to protect their networks. But attackers are constantly finding new ways to get around those controls. 

How secure is HTTPS today – and how can HTTPS security be improved?

While moves towards increased use of Hypertext Transfer Protocol Secure (HTTPS) as an Internet security measure are admirable, it begs the question of how much trust should be placed in HTTPS security? To what extent can web users rely on an HTTPS encrypted connection to secure their flow of data – and how open are […]

3 online banking security tips for SMBs

Here’s something for IT managers at SMBs to keep in mind: If a consumer’s bank account is hacked, the bank is liable. But if a business’s bank account is hacked, the bank is not liable. Since SMBs are in the cross hairs of cybercriminals these days, security pros recommend taking a few extra steps to […]