5 cost-effective ways to beef up IT security in your business

Too many businesses ignore best practices for IT security because they’re strained for resources. In this guest post, Beverly James outlines some low- and no-cost ways to improve security in your organization. 

The biggest targets in today’s cyber attacks

What organizations are in cyber criminals’ crosshairs now? A better question might be: Who isn’t being targeted? 

Survey: IT employees have access to too much data

IT pros aren’t confident that their company can fend off data breaches, according to a recent survey – and part of the blame lies inside the IT department. 

Survey: Users don’t think theft of intellectual property is wrong or illegal

A company’s own employees present one of the biggest threats to the security of its data – and many of those users are clueless when it comes to security policies and law. 

20% of IT pros snoop on the CEO’s private data

IT managers often think of insider threats as a rare occurrence in which a disgruntled employee sabotages systems or steals data. But cases of employees abusing their access privileges may be much more common than organizations are prepared for. 

Court: Company can’t sue ex-employee who stole confidential documents

One big IT security risk companies face is that departing employees will take confidential documents with them. In one recent lawsuit, a company tried to take legal action against an ex-employee who did just that. 

Poor IT security practices a bigger threat than hackers, survey says

When it comes to IT security, small mistakes can have huge consequences. In fact, failure to follow internal procedures is typically a bigger danger to organizations than hackers, according to a recent study. 

10 dangerous mistakes most users make

For all the energy IT departments spend securing their networks from outside attacks, it might pay off to put more focus on an even bigger threat: mistakes made by the company’s own employees.

Which employees are most likely data thieves?

As important as it is to protect your company’s network from outside attackers, recent research says businesses are becoming more vulnerable to insider threats. How can IT prevent attacks that come from inside the company? 

Study: IT leaves too much data open to insider threats

IT security faces a variety of insider threats, including malicious users or IT staff who intentionally steal sensitive data, as well as those who accidentally expose data or log-in credentials to criminals.