Top 5 website security holes you can fix now

A company’s website is often a prime target for hackers. Cybercriminals can use vulnerabilities in sites to gain access to sensitive company information. Or, they can hijack those legitimate sites to spread malware to visitors’ machines.  The good news: As awareness of the threats is increasing, websites are becoming more secure, according to a study of […]

Survey: Most IT pros fear an attack from Anonymous

The so-called “hacktivist” group known as Anonymous has made headlines recently after targeting well-known companies and government agencies. But do regular small and mid-sized businesses need to worry about those hackers and similar groups? Yes, according to most IT professionals. 

Security firm: Cybercrime is a booming business

Cybercrime pays, at least according to a recent study conducted by a Russian security firm. 

IT security budgets: Where should smaller companies prioritize?

Information security is a big, expensive problem, and many IT departments may not have the budgets for all the investments they want to make. But here’s advice from one security expert on where to prioritize when it comes to IT security. 

5 common IT mistakes behind 97% of data breaches

Many businesses are spending money on advanced security tools but missing basic defenses against hackers’ attacks, according to a study of recent data breaches. 

Study: Most breaches take months or years to detect

Preventing data breaches is a challenge for IT – but detecting security incidents after they occur can be even harder, according to a recent study. 

Study: IT leaving old vulnerabilities open to hackers

Despite all the hype about the cutting edge techniques hackers are using to steal companies’ data now, many attackers still have a lot of luck exploiting vulnerabilities that received patches from vendors months or even years ago. 

CIA’s website attacked by Anonymous

Here’s proof that information security is a challenge for all organizations: Even the FBI and CIA recently fell victim to hacking attacks. 

Businesses fail social engineering test

A recent hacking contest shows that businesses are still too vulnerable to social engineering attacks. 

13 businesses hacked because of outdated routers

Keeping network hardware up-to-date is a challenge for businesses, especially when there’s little room in the IT budget for upgrades. But there are good reasons firms shouldn’t go without updating some equipment.