Half of companies don’t care about data center efficiency

Green IT has been in the news a lot lately. But are stories about how big companies cut their data center power and cooling costs actually making other firms give up on doing so themselves? 

Simple steps to reduce power costs in the data center

Powering and cooling a data center takes up a lot of most companies’ operating budgets. The good news: There are a few steps IT can take to lower those costs. 

75% of firms have saved money with green IT programs

Many organizations are saving money by implementing green IT programs, and most are finding those projects aren’t as difficult as they originally thought.

Greenpeace: Major cloud vendors aren’t environmentally friendly

Bad news for organizations turning to cloud computing as part of a broader initiative to “go green”: Many of the most popular cloud providers are also the least environmentally friendly, according to a new report. 

Survey: Companies using green IT to save money

Looks like going green is catching on with the people making tech decisions for their companies. What areas are they focusing on?