5 mobile apps IT should ban

To protect mobile security, IT often focuses on keeping malware off of users’ phones and tablets. But there are plenty of legitimate mobile apps that can put data at risk, too. 

IT glitches waste more time than social networking, survey says

Since Facebook first became a hit a few years ago, managers and IT pros have been wondering if the use of social networking at work will destroy productivity. But social media isn’t the biggest time-waster out there, according to one recent survey. 

Employee claims invasion of privacy after boss sees her Facebook posts

IT departments are often asked by managers to monitor employees’ web use, especially what they do on Facebook, Twitter and other social media sites. But a recent lawsuit shows how some types of social network snooping can get companies in trouble for privacy violations. 

Organizations’ top 3 social media policy mistakes

Social media sites can have a lot of benefits for companies, but organizations also must have a policy to protect themselves. However, those policies often contain a few common mistakes and can end up doing more harm than good. 

Study: Facebook profiles can predict job performance

Managers often check out potential hires’ social networking profiles before they’re hired. But should those profiles be given any weight when trying to decide who will be the best employee? 

Facebook phishing attack impersonates security staff

Users of Facebook have begun getting messages claiming to be from a member of the security team of the popular social networking site – but it’s part of a scam to try and steal Facebook credentials and credit card information. 

The top 10 IT stories of 2011

From privacy and compliance issues to job satisfaction woes, these were the stories IT managers clicked on the most in 2011:

Firm sued after posting Facebook updates for hospitalized employee

Many companies use social networking sites to promote their business, while nearly all employees have personal accounts on those sites. And when the lines between the two are blurred – as in this recent lawsuit – things can get complicated. 

Do your users know about these social media hazards?

Most users in your company probably browse social networking sites at some point during the work day. But do they know how dangerous those sites can be?

New site tells users how employable they are

For a few years, employers in the tech sector and elsewhere have been using social media sites to find job candidates and research potential employees. Now, a new web service aims to help evaluate how people’s web presence will help or hurt their chances in the job market.