Facebook’s dislike button is coming … but scammers are there first

By now you’ve probably heard the very, very important news that Facebook is working on a so-called “dislike” button. 

Hoax exploits the Malaysian airline mystery to steal users’ info

We probably shouldn’t be surprised that hackers and hoaxers are already using the disappearance of Malaysian Airlines flight MH370 to spread malware and steal information. 

IT pros duped by Facebook femme fatale

As Facebook, LinkedIn and Twitter have become commonplace in personal and professional lives, the dangers of social networking for businesses have also grown. And even IT professionals who should know better may be putting their organizations at risk. 

Facebook privacy threats lurking in new Graph Search: What to do about it

Protecting Facebook privacy is getting tougher as new features and policies make it easier to find information on all users of the social networking site. Here are some tips you can pass along to employees to help keep them safe. 

Secure your Facebook page against theft

As social media becomes more important for businesses, social networking security is becoming critical as well. In this guest post, Henry Enebeli offers some tips IT pros and marketers can use to secure their organization’s Facebook pages.

Potential Security Issues with Facebook Home Software for Android?

A new Facebook feature, Facebook Home, is likely to be popular with many users. But in this guest post, Sarah Boisvert explains some of the big new security risks to warn them about. 

Stay safe on social networking sites: Tips for users and companies

Hackers are moving away from widespread malware and focusing on targeted attacks against businesses and individuals. And that means an increase in phishing scams, as well as social media-based attacks. 

Experts: Facebook users' privacy threatened by new features

Facebook has introduced a few features in recent months, including the new Facebook Home software. And experts have many Facebook Home privacy concerns.

Social Networking Policy Template

Social media has been common for both personal and professional use for several years – however, many companies still haven’t caught up and developed an effective social networking policy. 

Can companies demand employees’ Facebook passwords? Not in these states

As many organizations are still developing and fine-tuning their social networking policies for employees, here’s one practice that’s becoming illegal for some companies: