Executives are confident in disaster recovery programs, but IT isn’t

There has always been somewhat of a divide between IT and C-level executives on technology matters. One recent survey shows the latest cause for concern: Executives think their disaster recovery program will be sufficient, but IT isn’t so sure. 

The C-level thinks disaster recovery is solid: IT says …

Disconnect with higher-ups is never a good thing. And according to a recent study, the miscommunication between IT and company leaders is stark and dangerous.

Longer outages may require reworking disaster recovery plans

As if having a solid disaster recovery (DR) plan wasn’t hard enough, a new study shows that severe weather is likely to make power outages last even longer. 

Could your next outage be your last?

Companies are paying lip service to their disaster recovery plans, but according to a recent survey, they aren’t actually putting in the legwork to make sure outages are planned for. 

IT managers’ top 5 priorities for 2013

IT’s priorities haven’t changed much over the past few years, but they have evolved based on new trends and developments. Here’s some advice for IT managers to help overcome their organization’s top tech challenges for this year. 

Avoid the pitfalls of disaster recovery in the Cloud: 6 keys

The fallout from Hurricane Sandy probably has many companies rethinking their disaster recovery plans. One key question: Can IT trust cloud computing services for their disaster plans? 

Firm blames squirrels for 17% of data center crashes

Data center crashes can cause huge problems for IT departments, but those issues often have very low-tech causes. What’s most often to blame when a data center goes down? 

Virtualization, cloud help with backups and disaster recovery planning

Many small businesses struggle with backing up data and preparing their IT systems for disasters. But emerging technologies such as virtualization and cloud computing are proving to be a big help. 

Businesses don’t trust their disaster recovery plans

IT departments are currently facing the huge challenge of dealing with quickly increasing amounts of data while budgets remain flat. That’s especially causing problems when it comes to managing backups and preparing for disaster recovery. 

5 critical steps for IT’s disaster recovery plan

Most businesses are aware of the need to plan for a disaster, but many don’t know where to begin. Here’s one guide from a disaster recovery firm.