What are companies doing with their sensitive data?

All too often, we don’t actually get a look into how companies store and organize their data until there’s a high-profile breach that comes to light. A recent study looks to shed some light on how this crucial IT practice is handled. 

Cloud providers could be gambling with your data

Symantec recently made an announcement that sent chills down IT pros’ spines: It decided to shutter a cloud backup service.

5 types of data IT should gather for marketing teams

Part of IT’s responsibility is giving the rest of the organization access to the information they need to improve their performance. In this guest post, data analyst Kurt Smith describes the data sets marketing teams want from IT. 

4 ways companies can destroy data silos

In most organizations, IT holds a lot of data – but that data isn’t always effectively shared among all divisions that need it. In this guest post, tech writer Aidan Grayson has some advice for how companies can tear down dreaded data silos.  _____________________________________________________________ The much maligned data silo occurs when one business unit within an organization […]

5 things IT should keep out of the Cloud

Cloud computing is great for businesses – but there are some applications and data that IT should think hard about before putting in the Cloud. 

3 common data encryption myths

To IT professionals, using encryption for sensitive data is common sense. But organizations often don’t implement the technology, in part because users and decision makers still believe these myths about data encryption: 

Study: Cloud computing providers fail to wipe customer data

We’ve written before about the security precautions companies must take before they use cloud computing services to store data. Here’s one key measure you may want to make sure your cloud vendors take – because a new study says many don’t. 

9 questions to ask cloud vendors

A lot of companies are moving data to the cloud. And if they aren’t careful, that information could be at risk of being lost or accessed by criminals. 

What is big data, and what does it mean for IT?

While the term “big data” is often thrown around by tech analysts and vendors, many people in IT are still unclear on what it means – and why they should care about it.

Execs are clueless about how secure company data is

Here’s one reason IT managers may have a hard time convincing senior management to invest in better data security controls: