Data center outages approaching the $9,000/minute mark

In a few short years, data center outages have nearly doubled in cost. One big part of this trend: Distributed Denial of Service (DDoS) attacks. 

Longer outages may require reworking disaster recovery plans

As if having a solid disaster recovery (DR) plan wasn’t hard enough, a new study shows that severe weather is likely to make power outages last even longer. 

One powerful use for Big Data and Hadoop

Big Data and the open source Hadoop platform have gotten a lot of hype lately. In this guest post, Nitin Bandugula discusses how the technology might be used by businesses. 

5 ways to cut power costs

Though it might not get as much attention as big hardware and software purchases, energy use is a large part of an IT department’s budget — and one that can usually be trimmed significantly.

Most data centers won’t survive a disaster, study says

A recent survey confirms what many experts have been warning IT managers about: Most companies lack effective disaster recovery plans and could be in big trouble if an emergency hits.

IT struggling to keep up with flood of new data

If your business has struggled to keep up with the huge amounts of data it must store, you aren’t alone.

Bad data center cooling costing IRS millions

How much can organizations save by doing some spring cleaning in the server room? A few million bucks, in the case of this federal agency.

Turn up the heat in your data center

With summer approaching, IT departments are starting to worry about cooling data centers. But one energy expert says not to worry too much.