Company sues after former employees took confidential info: Who won?

Workers saved company information to a thumb drive, then quit to start a rival business. Their former employer sued. The outcome shows why safe data transfer policies are important and must be clear.

Cyber espionage: It’s not just about state secrets anymore

Verizon has released a wide-reaching report on the state of data breaches. And while it covers a lot of territory, one area in particular, cyber espionage, is showing clear growth – among other troubling developments. 

Like it or not, cyberattacks are going to cost you

Target’s data breach has a lot of folks wondering: How much would a major cyber incident cost our organization? And are there any ways we could drastically cut the costs of a fallout? Unfortunately, the answers might be: a lot, and don’t count on it. 

Businesses are less prepared for cyber threats than they think

Threats to your company’s systems are always out there – from scammers, to hackers, to data breaches and outages. But when it comes to preparing for these incidents and their fallout, many companies take the approach of “we’ll deal with it if it comes up.”

The biggest barriers to data encyrption

Data encryption is on a lot of IT pros’ minds these days. It’s also on a lot of their to-do lists. But when push comes to shove, far too few have taken the plunge and made it a priority. 

The group putting data most at risk: Executives

Every user has the potential to cause security problems. But when it comes to the worst offenders, the hands-down riskiest group in your workplace is senior managers. 

How to take charge of access management

Security is often made out to be much more complicated than it needs to be. Much of it boils down to a simple premise: making sure that only the right people have access to only the right data. 

How to determine who’s at fault for a data breach

In addition to preventing data breaches, companies also must make sure they learn from incidents to improve their protection in the future. Part of that requires knowing who or what is to blame for a breach, as George Hillston discusses in this guest post. 

16 million people compromised by data breaches last year, report says

As companies fight to stop data breaches, individuals are feeling the impact of IT security incidents. And many victims will choose to take their business elsewhere. 

4 keys to protecting against foreign hackers

Small businesses face the threat of security attacks from all over the world. In this guest post, Myrtle Gray lists some of the basic steps all businesses should be taking to protect themselves.