2017: Ransomware caused ‘worst year ever’ in breaches

Data breaches nearly doubled from 2016 to 2017, and most of those attacks could’ve been avoided or significantly downgraded with basic IT best practices.

Hacker releases Netflix episodes early and threatens other networks

In what comes as a bit of good news for Orange is the New Black fans and bad news to IT pros who fear having their data shared with third parties, a hacker has released 10 episodes of Netflix’s hit series early.

Lessons from a data breach: Make sure you have your numbers right

The worst part of a data breach for many organizations isn’t just the information lost or stolen: It’s the loss of trust that happens when the public finds out. 

Sample data transfer and storage policy template

Storing and transferring data has never been easier for workers – or more dangerous. Here is a sample policy you can build off of in order to set rules and best practices for how users can transfer sensitive information without letting it fall into the wrong hands. 

7 common mistakes that let hackers steal data

Businesses are leaving a lot of information open to cyber attackers. And that’s leading to IT security incidents with some serious financial consequences. 

Can you afford a data breach? Probably not

Everything is getting more expensive these days, and data breaches are no exception. Find out what’s sending the costs of breaches soaring, and what you can do to turn it around.

Keeping insiders – malicious or otherwise – from being a threat

There are a variety of threats that IT faces all the time, but the ones that could be most tricky to deal with are usually those that originate in-house. Whether it’s careless users putting systems at risk or malicious ones taking advantage, these insiders can cause serious damage to their organizations. 

Most IT pros aren’t confident they can withstand an attack

According to a recent study, companies are facing threats that they feel their technological defenses may not be capable of matching. Here’s what it means for you. EIQ Networks surveyed IT decision-makers to see how they felt their defenses stood up to modern threats. Many had some reservations about users’ ability to defend systems, and the […]

Breaches have companies spooked, investing in security

It’s only natural: Following a major security breach, IT is going to be pretty concerned that they could be next. And judging by increases in spending, plenty of decision-makers are worried as well.

What are companies doing with their sensitive data?

All too often, we don’t actually get a look into how companies store and organize their data until there’s a high-profile breach that comes to light. A recent study looks to shed some light on how this crucial IT practice is handled.