Cybersecurity survey reveals just how much users don’t know

Do you ever feel like some days people just don’t understand what you’re saying or what you do in IT? As it turns out, they probably don’t.

How to get the board to care about cybersecurity

Most IT pros know that getting the board to understand cybersecurity issues can be an uphill battle. Even more alarmingly, some of these high-ranking company officials do understand there’s a threat – but they don’t understand that it’s a big deal. 

75% of companies don’t see value in cybersecurity

Three-quarters of senior leaders at companies think that IT security is a necessary cost of doing business. And they seem to prefer a “I don’t care, just get it done” mentality to being active partners in security.

Bad news for IT: There’s a shortage of security pros

No matter how many qualified techs there are out there, finding good IT employees has never exactly been an easy task. And it’s only going to get harder to find security-minded professionals, according to a recent report. 

Survey results prove SMBs are easy targets

The results of a new survey indicate that while many SMBs believe they’re safe from cyber threats, they aren’t doing much to ensure that’s the case.