Cybercrime is now more prevalent than traditional crime

In news that’ll come as a relief to those outside of IT and disappointment to IT pros, traditional crime now lags behind cybercrime in at least one country.

Top IT investments that cut the cost of cyber attacks

It’s unlikely that any business will ever be completely immune to cyber attacks – but IT can take some steps to minimize their damage. 

Study: Employees cause more data breaches than cybercriminals

Here’s an attention-grabbing statistic: 63% of data breaches are caused by employees who’ve failed to secure company assets in accordance with their organization’s security policies. Not good news for IT managers who’ve already got their hands full fending off external attacks. 

3 online banking security tips for SMBs

Here’s something for IT managers at SMBs to keep in mind: If a consumer’s bank account is hacked, the bank is liable. But if a business’s bank account is hacked, the bank is not liable. Since SMBs are in the cross hairs of cybercriminals these days, security pros recommend taking a few extra steps to […]

Survey: Most IT pros fear an attack from Anonymous

The so-called “hacktivist” group known as Anonymous has made headlines recently after targeting well-known companies and government agencies. But do regular small and mid-sized businesses need to worry about those hackers and similar groups? Yes, according to most IT professionals. 

Security firm: Cybercrime is a booming business

Cybercrime pays, at least according to a recent study conducted by a Russian security firm. 

5 IT security threats to watch for in 2012

Though recent months have seen a lot of hype about targeted, high-profile attacks against large businesses and government agencies, most businesses really need to be worried about increases in traditional IT security threats.

$5.2 million bank heist blamed on IT

Here’s a news story offering a reminder of the huge financial damage lax IT security can cause. 

Do businesses need cyber insurance?

The cost of a data breach is rising, and insurance companies are beginning to offer coverage they say will help companies cover the expenses. But is cyber insurance worth it for businesses? 

Who’s the most likely cyber-crime victim?

One of the stereotypical cybercrime scenarios is an elderly person falling victim to an obvious email scam. But that’s not who most criminals target.