Court confirms: You can be sued by gov’t for data breaches

A landmark court ruling came down this week with far-reaching implications for businesses. What it means for you: If you’re not doing enough to protect customer data, the Federal Trade Commission (FTC) can sue for deceptive business practices. 

Insider data theft lands company in court

While many data breach lawsuits have been thrown out because the victims couldn”t show they suffered any actual harm, there have been some recent cases that were allowed to move forward. 

Can company read personal e-mail sent at work?

Do employees have a right to privacy when using personal email accounts, even when they send the messages at work? That depends on the situation, according to a few court cases that have tackled the subject.

The top 10 IT stories of 2011

From privacy and compliance issues to job satisfaction woes, these were the stories IT managers clicked on the most in 2011:

3 hidden social networking dangers for companies

Social networking can be a boon for businesses’ marketing and customer service efforts – or it can have a significant negative effect on the bottom line. A recent study looked at the cost of social networking for business when it’s not used properly.

Court: Can’t fire employee for snooping on co-worker’s files

Accessing files and documents without authorization is generally considered a pretty serious offense. But as this recent court case shows, it pays to be careful before taking any disciplinary action.

Should worker fired for web use get unemployment?

Taking disciplinary action against an employee for improperly using the Internet at work can bring up some legal questions for companies. Among them: Is wasting time online considered enough of an offense to deny a fired worker unemployment benefits?

Cost of deleting emails: $250,000, in this case

Courts are coming down hard on businesses that violate electronic discovery rules, making it even more critical for IT managers to maintain effective data retention plans.

New e-discovery rules put bigger burden on IT

Though it’s been several years since electronic discovery first became a big issue for IT managers, there is still plenty of confusion over how far companies must go to retain data. However, a recent court ruling did clear up some important details.

Lawsuit claims common web policy clauses are illegal

Most companies have some kind of policy forbidding employees from badmouthing the business online. But a recent federal charge claims such policies are illegal.