Survey: Network outages are IT’s biggest issue

With so much data and so many services hosted in the cloud, IT has a very big problem on its hands: When networks are slow or unavailable, work could be, too. 

Cloud providers could be gambling with your data

Symantec recently made an announcement that sent chills down IT pros’ spines: It decided to shutter a cloud backup service.

Recent data breaches highlight the dangers of working with third parties

These days, business don’t just have to worry about the security of their own networks. Data breaches occurring on third-party servers are also dangerous. 

6 ways cloud computing contracts put security at risk

Cloud security is becoming a big deal as more data and applications are being hosted by third-party providers. Unfortunately, many companies aren’t fully using their greatest weapon to help protect their information: cloud computing vendor contracts. 

Top 3 hidden costs of cloud computing and how to avoid them

A lot of companies are adopting cloud services but are worried about spending too much to cover the hidden costs of cloud computing. Here are some of the things IT needs to look out for. 

Cloud computing provider sued for ‘unworkable’ IT support

Any time a company contracts with a cloud computing provider, there’s a risk that the services won’t live up to the company’s expectations. But in one recent case, things were bad enough that the customer filed a lawsuit claiming the vendor misrepresented itself. 

9 reasons the Cloud won’t save as much as you think

Many businesses are saving money by turning to cloud computing services. But too often, companies fail to consider some common hidden costs and don’t save as much as they had planned. 

Survey: IT outsourcing often costs more than companies plan for

Outsourcing some IT functions can be a great option for many smaller businesses. But if the company doesn’t properly communicate with the provider, problems and confusion about costs can arise. 

Cloud outages cost business $70 million a year

Many companies have yet to move their most critical applications to the Cloud because they’re worried about the stability and reliability of cloud services. And, according to a new report, they may have good reason to be concerned. 

5 ways to protect your business from bad cloud contracts

Though contracts typically favor providers, it’s possible for businesses to negotiate cloud contracts that better protect them against the risks of cloud computing. Here’s some help.