Surprise: Younger users take responsibility for BYOD security

A recent survey has some news that likely won’t be a shock to most technology pros: Younger employees typically have no qualms about breaking IT policies that they don’t agree with. But there was another finding that could give IT managers some hope. 

Users’ security mistakes are IT’s fault

Many data security breaches are blamed on user mistakes. But IT’s security strategy is often to blame for those errors. 

4 critical skills for the IT manager of the future

Everyone in IT knows that the field is changing. In this guest post, David Walker lists some of the critical skills IT managers will need to stay successful. 

BYOD will become necessary to attract workers, report says

Many IT departments are worried about the risks of allowing users to bring their own devices into work. But some reports say it’ll soon become risky for companies to not allow BYOD. 

Top uses for tablets in business

While most organizations are still figuring out the best ways to support smartphones, many IT departments are struggling to keep up and begin supporting tablets in business. 

BYOD: 7 ways companies are doing it wrong

Many companies have been thrown into BYOD and have started allowing personal devices in the workplace without really developing a strategy. 

Pros and cons of 3 common BYOD management strategies

As companies start allowing employees to bring in their personal mobile devices to work, IT departments need to find a way to manage those devices. Here’s a look at some of companies’ most common BYOD management strategies. 

5 BYOD policy mistakes threatening security at many companies

While more companies are starting to allow and manage personal mobile devices at work, nearly half of firms still don’t have a plan for BYOD security, according to a recent survey. 

BYOD to slow down in 2013, says one research group

Most tech experts agree that the rise of BYOD (bring your own device) is inevitable as more users demand to work on the devices they like and know how to use. But one research group says the trend will reverse next year. 

Top 6 things to look for in MDM software

It”s clear that smartphones and tablets have hijacked the future of business computing. Fortunately, there”s a way to keep track of users and their devices and monitor the security of your network at the same time.