If former users stole data, why did the court give them a pass?

A recent lawsuit shows that when it comes to protecting your systems, IT might not receive much help through legal avenues. In this case, former employees stole data, but the lawsuit against them had to be thrown out because it relies on a very old law.

3 keys for a computer usage policy that holds up in court

As an IT pro, you’re well aware of the relentless attacks aimed at your network by outside threats. But let’s not forget about potential threats on the inside.

Court: Company can’t sue ex-employee who stole confidential documents

One big IT security risk companies face is that departing employees will take confidential documents with them. In one recent lawsuit, a company tried to take legal action against an ex-employee who did just that. 

Ex-employee brought to court over erased hard drive

Businesses take on some level of risk every time they allow employees to take company-owned equipment out of the office. One way to limit the risk: Have clear policies about what employees are allowed to do with that equipment.

Court: Checking Facebook at work isn’t illegal

Some managers wish they could do more to keep their employees from wasting time online at work – including, apparently, taking them to court over it.