Businesses are starting to get spooked by the cloud

When the Edward Snowden leaks first went public last year, the buzz began almost immediately: Will businesses still trust the cloud knowing that it could easily be subject to snooping? And the answer came just as quickly. Of course they will. Well, now that picture’s been clouded a bit. 

Shadow IT is still a huge problem

You put a lot of time and effort into making sure your systems are secure and running efficiently. But a pair of surveys show that still might not be enough to stay safe in the face of a growing concern, shadow IT. 

The biggest barriers to data encyrption

Data encryption is on a lot of IT pros’ minds these days. It’s also on a lot of their to-do lists. But when push comes to shove, far too few have taken the plunge and made it a priority. 

The group putting data most at risk: Executives

Every user has the potential to cause security problems. But when it comes to the worst offenders, the hands-down riskiest group in your workplace is senior managers. 

IT managers take note: Chromebooks have quietly taken off

With the cloud changing the way most every company does business, there has been a shocking twist in the computer market. Chromebooks, once thought to be a novelty or cheap second-screen option, have taken off in the last year. 

Cloud providers could be gambling with your data

Symantec recently made an announcement that sent chills down IT pros’ spines: It decided to shutter a cloud backup service.

Does the IT department have a future?

With the rise of cloud services and open-source in business, there’s an ongoing debate in some companies: What is our IT department really for? 

IT managers’ top 10 concerns entering 2012

Managed IT services, cloud computing and workplace issues were among the topics IT managers spent the most time discussing in 2011. 

Survey: Cloud computing is important, risky

IT execs in most companies are turning more of their attention to the cloud – and trying to figure out how to take advantage of its opportunities while avoiding the serious risks.

5 key security steps most businesses skip

Even as cyber-attacks become more frequent and sophisticated, there are several steps every IT department can take to reduce the risk for their organization. The problem: Most of them fail to take those precautions.