Report: The average company has 461 apps (and many are banned)

For IT pros who think they have a good handle on all the apps inside the company, bad news: Cloud apps are being added faster than ever. And many of them are running without IT’s permission, control or knowledge. At the recent Consumerization of IT in the Enterprise conference, Netskope released research showing just how […]

Cloud providers could be gambling with your data

Symantec recently made an announcement that sent chills down IT pros’ spines: It decided to shutter a cloud backup service.

Report: IT is blocking the wrong cloud computing services

In an effort to keep data safe, many IT departments block access to unsafe cloud computing services that users may try to sign up for on their own. But a recent survey shows that many companies are letting high-risk applications be used unchecked. 

3 IT policies most users ignore

IT departments rely on several different policies to keep systems up and running and protect company data. Unfortunately, IT policies are only as effective as the users who are expected to follow them. 

1 in 6 Amazon cloud users put data at risk

Many organizations are relying too much on their vendors for cloud security, according to a recent study from security researchers. 

The cloud computing mistake most companies make

Most IT departments go through an extensive process when they’re deciding which cloud computing service providers to partner with. But there’s one common mistake many of them still make: 

Hybrid clouds can offer flexibility, while minimizing security risks

Many businesses wish to take advantage of cloud computing services to cut costs and improve agility, but are concerned about the security risks of moving data off of the internal network. However, a different type of cloud service gaining popularity could give businesses the best of both worlds: 

Privacy experts, companies wary of Google Drive

Google recently unveiled its new Drive cloud storage service, and IT must start deciding whether to allow their organizations and employees to use the service to store company data. For some organizations and experts, the answer is an easy “no.” 

Study: Cloud computing providers fail to wipe customer data

We’ve written before about the security precautions companies must take before they use cloud computing services to store data. Here’s one key measure you may want to make sure your cloud vendors take – because a new study says many don’t. 

Google unveils new cloud storage service: What’s it mean for IT?

Organizations considering the Cloud for data storage will soon have another option to look at in the form of a new service from Google.