Cisco predicts businesses will have 1,000 cloud services by year’s end

If shadow IT wasn’t out of control already where you work, it soon could be. 

What’s blocking out the cloud? 6 pitfalls to watch out for

Anyone who has made significant moves to the cloud can tell you the same thing: When it’s good, it’s very, very good. But for every cloud success story, there are plenty of stalled, failed and underwhelming projects, too.

7 hazards that can ruin IT’s cloud computing strategy

Many organizations will turn to cloud computing in 2012 to save money, consolidate their IT infrastructure, and increase flexibility and agility. But those moving into the cloud will need to watch for a few major pitfalls that could keep those benefits from being realized. The majority (84%) of IT managers say their businesses are using at […]

Survey: Cloud computing is important, risky

IT execs in most companies are turning more of their attention to the cloud – and trying to figure out how to take advantage of its opportunities while avoiding the serious risks.