3 tips to prevent a cloud migration catastrophe

Cloud computing can make certain things easier for companies and IT departments. But moving to the cloud is a big undertaking, with a lot of potential for disaster, as Neil Campke describes in this guest post. 

Report: IT is blocking the wrong cloud computing services

In an effort to keep data safe, many IT departments block access to unsafe cloud computing services that users may try to sign up for on their own. But a recent survey shows that many companies are letting high-risk applications be used unchecked. 

Bare metal servers: What are they and how are they used?

There are many different options for cloud computing services. In this guest post, Emily Miller discusses the advantages of one type of cloud deployment, bare metal servers. 

3 cloud computing skills in high demand now

Initially, many observers in IT worried that cloud computing would eliminate IT jobs as companies put more parts of their operations in the hands of service providers. However, right now it seems that the trend has simply created a demand for new types of IT skills.

3 best uses of the cloud for remote teams

These days, more work is being done by groups of people separated by geography. In this guest post, business consultant Guy Asher describes some of the ways cloud computing can help overcome those challenges. 

3 cloud computing models explained

Cloud-related terminology gets tossed around a lot by marketers these days. In this guest post, Gil Allouche gives some simple definitions to help IT managers and business leaders. 

Cloud computing increased costs for 31% of companies, study says

Many businesses are turning to cloud computing services in part to help them cut costs. But a recent report says cloud computing savings may not be all they’re cracked up to be. 

6 ways cloud computing contracts put security at risk

Cloud security is becoming a big deal as more data and applications are being hosted by third-party providers. Unfortunately, many companies aren’t fully using their greatest weapon to help protect their information: cloud computing vendor contracts. 

Report: Cloud attacks are less frequent than those against in-house systems

IT pros typically worry about cloud computing security when they move applications and data to third-party service providers. But in this guest post, Reanna Gutierrez discusses new research that shows cloud services are attacked less often than in-house data centers. 

Answers for execs’ top questions about cloud computing

Cloud computing is a hot topic in IT, but a lot of executives and other non-IT leaders still don’t know much about the basics of the technology. In this guest post, Christopher Allen Samson offers some easy ways to answer the most common questions.