Cisco software flaw could lead to DoS

A recently discovered software flaw could have a major impact on your business.

Cisco software flaw allows device takeover

Cisco networking devices running adaptive security appliance (ASA) software are vulnerable to a newly discovered flaw.

Cisco deals blow to prominent malware provider

Cisco’s Talos unit is saying that it has shut down a serious provider of ransomware. Here’s how. 

The 10 most dangerous parts of the Internet

IT pros likely understand that websites featuring illegal downloads and other seedy items aren’t necessarily the parts of the Internet most likely to get a computer infected with a virus. But users may not know that, and that could impact their online behavior.

IT pros would rather get a root canal than prepare for cloud computing

Cloud computing has a lot of benefits for businesses, but it also presents a lot of challenges for IT. In fact, there are a lot of painful things IT professionals would rather do than get their organization’s network ready for the Cloud. 

Report: Businesses better off using one network vendor

A recent report says businesses benefit from using a single vendor for all of their networking needs. But is that true, or is it just a marketing pitch from vendors that want customers to buy more? 

Survey: IT vendors provide sub-par customer service

A new report says the majority of IT vendors are failing to provide a good experience for their customers. 

70% of young users ignore IT policies

As the younger generation enters the workforce, IT is supporting more users who don’t care about policies or security. 

VoIP attacks becoming more common, experts warn

Using or considering a VoIP service for your company’s phone needs? You’ll want to keep in mind these security risks.

Hackers’ new targets: Your users’ cell phones

A new year, a new set of data security threats to guard against. And according to the latest Cisco security report, mobile devices are going to be cybercriminals’ preferred targets in 2011.