Adware-laden harmful extension poses as popular Adblock Plus

If your users or staff use adblockers, make sure they’re not downloading this Chrome extension posing as a legitimate program.

Browser security flaw could put passwords at risk

Browser security is one key to protecting an organization’s network, since the majority of security attacks come from the Internet. But security experts recently uncovered a flaw in a popular browser that could leave users open to a different kind of threat. 

4 keys for secure web browsing

There’s a lot of debate about which is the most secure web browser. Conventional wisdom says that Microsoft’s Internet Explorer, the most popular browser, is also the least secure because of the attention that hackers pay to it. 

5 keys for better browser security – whichever browser is used

A new report says some conventional wisdom about browser security might be wrong, as a series of tests to choose the most secure browser delivered a result that may surprise many IT pros: 

What’s the most secure browser?

We reported earlier on a Google-sponsored study that named the search giant’s Chrome the most secure browser available. Now, other browser makers and security researchers are firing back with their own data. 

And the best browser for security is …

As debate rages on about which popular web browser is better and more secure, a new study attempts to declare a winner in the fight. 

More than a quarter of Chrome browser extensions leak data

Since a big chunk of the security threats companies face come from the Internet, IT must make sure users are running secure browsers. And as this recent security study shows, it’s not just the browser that matters, but also the extensions and add-ons users download.

Which browser is most secure?

A good web browser is the first line of defense between an organization and the IT security risks lurking online. So which web browser is the most secure? Answer:

The 12 most dangerous applications

What apps are prone to the most critical vulnerabilities? Hint: They’re some of the most popular pieces of software around.

Attention Chrome users: 5 extensions that bolster security

The folks at Google have touted Chrome as the safest web browser available. But determined hackers are always finding new ways to access your company’s sensitive information.