Time to double-check VMWare certificates

VMWare has announced a change to its oldest certification that could mean IT pros will have to brush up on their credentials. 

Certifications still get IT pros jobs and raises, survey says

We recently reported on a study that concluded IT certifications were losing their ability to enhance the job prospects and earning power of IT professionals. But a new survey says IT certifications still lead to better jobs and better pay. 

Firms struggle to verify IT certifications

Companies are paying closer attention to the certifications earned by potential IT employees. Unfortunately, that could also mean more applicants are lying about their certifications.

Don’t believe every certification you see

Professional certifications have become a common tool for IT managers to use when deciding who to hire for their departments. But experts warn that a competitive job market may be leading many applicants to claim phony certifications.

7 IT certifications that still mean something

Of the hundreds of IT certifications out there, some carry weight, while others are meaningless. It’s important to know which ones have value when you’re evaluating potential employees, or if you’re considering getting certified yourself.

Can IT certifications help your career?

A recent survey says some certifications can give IT pros an edge in the job market. Which ones are the most valuable?