Can’t get rid of IE6? Here’s a solution

Despite the fact that the browser’s almost a decade old and known to have security issues, a lot of businesses are still using Internet Explorer 6.

Internet Explorer’s popularity continues to fall

Despite dominating the market recently, Internet Explorer is now used by less than half of web users.

Microsoft: Don’t upgrade to IE9 yet

The latest version of Internet Explorer has gotten some pretty positive reviews, but Microsoft has warned businesses to wait before they upgrade.

Common browser feature makes hackers’ jobs easier

Consider turning off this tool to enhance your company’s Internet security.

Attention Chrome users: 5 extensions that bolster security

The folks at Google have touted Chrome as the safest web browser available. But determined hackers are always finding new ways to access your company’s sensitive information.

Internet Explorer sees gains in browser market

Here’s some news that hasn’t been reported in a while: Internet Explorer’s market share has actually increased this month.

Warn users about sneaky new phishing attack

A Mozilla employee recently discovered a new way hackers can trick users into handing over passwords.

Microsoft: Dump IE6 now

Here’s a warning straight from the browser’s maker: Internet Explorer 6 is past its expiration date.

Internet Explorer loses ground as Chrome gains

Is Google’s Chrome browser a good fit for your users? According to recent numbers, more folks are giving it a try.

New Internet Explorer preview won’t run on XP

Microsoft recently announced its upcoming preview of Internet Explorer 9 will not be compatible with the world’s most popular operating system.