Younger workers say BYOD is a right, not a privilege

Here’s another sign companies will have to adapt to IT consumerization and support BYOD programs whether they want to or not: Younger employees entering the workforce might decide not to take a job in which they can’t use their own personal devices. 

Smartphone vendors cater to BYOD trend

IT consumerization and the trend of bring-your-own-device (BYOD) programs have reached a point where smartphone manufacturers and cellular providers are starting to offer easier ways for their devices to be used as both workplace and personal phones. 

Mobile malware grew three-fold last year

While some experts don’t buy that mobile malware is as big a threat as security vendors make it out to be, one thing is clear: As smartphones become more common, so will viruses and other security threats that attack them. 

Survey: Careless mobile users more dangerous than hackers

The flood of consumer devices connecting to companies’ networks has led to increased security incidents – mainly because of user carelessness, according to a recent survey of IT professionals.