Cost of cyberattacks reach $350 million

Yahoo’s breaches continue to be big news long after their discovery. And they could turn out have huge financial implications. 

5-year-old malware discovered: Why it took so long

Many surveys ask IT pros whether they’ve been breached in the past month, year, etc. But that question overlooks a common problem: Many companies that are breached don’t know it yet – and some conceivably never will. Case in point: Researchers recently uncovered a malware strain that’s been active since at least 2011. This highly […]

Only a quarter of companies avoided data breaches last year

There’s a lot of different ways to show how serious the security problem is for organizations, but here’s a new way of putting it: Only one out of every four organizations managed to avoid cyberattacks in the past 12 months. 

The common thread in most successful attacks? Users

One of the largest annual studies of breaches and cybercrime has found attacks are getting more and more complicated, but most still succeed or fail from the biggest weak point in security: the end user.

Most hacked businesses don’t know they’re hacked

The first step in limiting the damage after a security incident is recognizing that a breach occurred. But according to recent Congressional testimony, most businesses don’t know they’ve been attacked until they hear about it from law enforcement.

70% of healthcare facilities hit by data breaches last year

While all IT managers must take steps to prevent data breaches, those working in some industries face more danger than others.

Cost of a data breach rose 56% in the past year

Here’s another statistic IT pros might use to convince their organization’s finance department to invest more in data security:

Would you know if your company was hacked?

The first step to repairing the damage from a security attack is discovering it. But a new study shows nearly half of companies having trouble detecting data breaches.