Malicious WiFi networks could ensnare users

Free public WiFi is a godsend for users. It helps them avoid data caps and gives them faster browsing speeds. But a recent report shows how hackers could use it to automatically connect to devices. 

And the worst wireless carrier is …

Thinking of switching providers for your users’ wireless service? Consumer Reports has some advice for you.

iPad users’ e-mail addresses stolen

A group of cybercriminals recently stole the e-mail addresses of over 100,000 Apple iPad users from AT&T — without actually having to hack into the company’s network.

Smartphone ‘power users’: Get ready to pay more

If your users send and receive a lot of data on company-issued smartphones, look out — your bills might go up soon.

AT&T: 40% of iPhones sold to business users — is that true?

Since the iPhone was first released, there’s been a disconnect between users who want to use the device for work and IT pros concerned the iPhone doesn’t belong in a business setting. Are IT departments coming around?