Companies are just plain bad at predicting cost overruns

Anyone who’s rolled out software or applications only to find their wallets lighter than expected, take heart in knowing that you’re not alone. A new study confirms that cost projections are wildly inaccurate in many cases. 

Study: Third-party apps account for 75% of vulnerabilities

Many IT pros are focused in on operating systems these days. But a report from Secunia finds the biggest risk lies outside of whichever version of Windows or OS X you might be running. 

Apps’ biggest security flaws could be IT

Anyone who has ever spent a long day at the office cleaning up after a security threat has probably wanted to curse out whoever made the vulnerable app. But a new study says that application isn’t always to blame – often, IT is.

Permissions to destroy your phone?

Let’s face it: Users aren’t always the best at weighing risks. And that’s especially true when it comes to selecting the mobile apps they download onto their phones. 

Need to stick with XP? 3 options for the end of support

The end of official Windows XP support from Microsoft is now less than nine months away, but many businesses, for various reasons, can”t pry themselves away from the more-than-decade-old OS. 

Survey: Businesses disappointed with IT’s mobile development efforts

Mobile development is a key trend in technology and business right now, but IT and other departments are struggling to get on the same page, a new survey says. 

5 things IT should keep out of the Cloud

Cloud computing is great for businesses – but there are some applications and data that IT should think hard about before putting in the Cloud. 

MySQL basics for testers

Have you ever been part of this conversation? Development Group: The application is ready to be released! Management: Did you test it? Development Group: Um…yes…we ran our code in our development environment and everything worked great. Management: Test it again!! We hope that you haven’t been on either end of this conversation but many, many […]

Microsoft: This type of download leads to malware 76% of the time

IT departments that don’t tightly control what software users download may want to consider doing so based on recent research from Microsoft on the most common sources of malware. 

5 mobile apps IT should ban

To protect mobile security, IT often focuses on keeping malware off of users’ phones and tablets. But there are plenty of legitimate mobile apps that can put data at risk, too.