Android or iPad: Which tablet is better for business?

Many businesses and users are turning to tablets as workplace devices. What’s the most popular tablet for use in business? That depends on where you are. 

No new iPhone, but Apple announces MacBook, iOS updates

Despite what most observers were hoping, the keynote at Apple’s Worldwide Developers Conference (WWDC) did not include any information about the upcoming iPhone 5. However, the event included some other key updates: 

IBM: iPhone’s Siri may create new security risks

Apple’s iPhone may be becoming the preferred mobile platform for most business, but some management challenges remain. Recently, tech giant IBM has warned that Siri, the popular voice recognition feature in the latest version of the smartphone, could open companies up to significant security risks. 

Why IT is now choosing the iPhone over other smartphones

When Apple’s iPhone was first released, it was generally thought of as a popular consumer gadget that had no place in business. But now, despite the unique challenges, more IT departments are supporting the iPhone than any other mobile platform. 

Greenpeace: Major cloud vendors aren’t environmentally friendly

Bad news for organizations turning to cloud computing as part of a broader initiative to “go green”: Many of the most popular cloud providers are also the least environmentally friendly, according to a new report. 

New iPad unveiled: What it means for IT

Following Apple’s announcement about the release of the new iPad, it’s time for IT departments to prepare for support requests for another popular consumer device.

Survey: Business iPad users will stick with the tablet

Apple’s iPad has dominated the consumer tablet market, and it appears to be doing so in business as well. In fact, even IT professionals are using them at work, according to a recent survey. 

Nearly half of Americans think tablets will replace laptops

Is your IT department currently supporting the iPad or other tablets? If not, it may only be a matter of time, if the average American’s opinion on the future of mobile technology is to be believed. 

IT to spend $10 billion on iPads in 2012, Forrester says

More IT departments will be required to support the consumer-friendly iPad tablet in 2012. One of the reasons: 

Forrester: Time for IT to support Macs

Though many business IT environments remain Windows-only, some experts say it’s time to start supporting Macs – partly because employees are using them anyway.