A few keystrokes brought the Internet to its knees

There’s new information on what caused that massive Amazon Web Services (AWS) outage last week. Or should we say, who caused it? 

1 in 6 Amazon cloud users put data at risk

Many organizations are relying too much on their vendors for cloud security, according to a recent study from security researchers. 

Greenpeace: Major cloud vendors aren’t environmentally friendly

Bad news for organizations turning to cloud computing as part of a broader initiative to “go green”: Many of the most popular cloud providers are also the least environmentally friendly, according to a new report. 

Cloud prices are falling – but IT may still pay too much

One of the reasons companies turn to cloud computing is that cloud services are often more budget-friendly than their on-site counterparts. And now, recent price cuts from big providers could draw even more businesses to the Cloud. 

Amazon cloud service temporarily goes down

At the end of last month, Amazon’s EC2 cloud went down temporarily.

Anatomy of the Amazon receipt scam

In the rush of holiday ordering and shipping, lots of small businesses that sell via Amazon have been scammed by a pretty simple ruse that includes fake receipts, complaints and e-mail. Here’s how it works: