Adobe Flash Player flaw allows remote attacks

Adobe vulnerabilities could leave your system open to attack.

Flash alert: Time to disable popular plug-in

Stop us if you’ve heard this one before: It may be time to seriously consider blocking Adobe Flash for all your users. 

Adobe releases 8 critical patches: Top priority

Software company Adobe missed its deadline for releasing security patches last Tuesday, and with good reason – they had several security issues to fix. IT pros, take note. 

Warning: Web browsers need to be updated in wake of flaw

A critical vulnerability in Adboe Flash was released yesterday. While some browsers will update automatically, others will need to be updated by IT to avoid attacks that could steal users log-in credentials. 

5 free PDF readers that are more secure than Adobe

Critical IT security vulnerabilities have been discovered in Abode Reader and Acrobat again. Is it time to look for an alternative PDF reader? 

Adobe hacked: What IT must do before Oct. 4

Last week, Adobe disclosed that its code signing service had been hacked. Luckily, the damage appears to be limited, but there are still a few things IT may have to do before Oct. 4.

Hackers exploiting new PDF bug

An unpatched flaw in Adobe software means it’s time to be especially careful when opening PDF files.

New PDF attack doesn’t require software bugs

Security researchers have found a way hackers can spread malware via malicious PDF files — even when there are no security holes present in the software that opens the document.

Malicious PDFs: Today’s biggest Web threat

If you’re trying to beef up security measures, there’s one new area to watch out for: PDF files with malicious code.