Survey shows companies are facing more threats more often

Attacks are getting more and more persistent, according to Tripwire – and they show no signs of slowing down.

A survey of attendees at Black Hat USA 2015 by security firm Tripwire finds that 86% of organizations reported seeing an increase in targeted attacks against their networks in the last year. The survey found attacks have increased:

  • 40% or more at 20% of respondents’ organizations
  • between 20% and 40% at 43% of respondents’ organizations, and
  • up to 20% at 23% of respondents’ organizations.

Only 14% of those organizations surveyed hadn’t seen an increase in targeted attacks at all.

Organizations are mostly prepared

It’s little surprise then that a good number of these attacks hit their marks. In the past year, 41% of those surveyed saw a significant increase in the number of successful cyberattacks.

With this increase in attacks, most organizations seemed to be practiced at defending their systems. Almost half (47%) of those surveyed said their ability to detect and respond to cyberattacks had improved in the last year. The rest reported no change (36%), or a decreased ability to detect and respond (17%).

Perhaps the biggest problem was tracking these attacks: More than half of organizations either didn’t have the visibility to track all incoming threats (14%) or were overwhelmed by the number of threats (38%). Only 48% of organizations were able to track all the threats targeting their networks.

Getting an accurate picture

The best way to improve on security is to know where you stand currently. That makes tracking incoming threats and attacks crucial for establishing a baseline.

Still, this information alone isn’t enough.

Simply saying “We faced more threats than last year” or “There were more successful attacks” doesn’t tell you anything. Make sure you account for:

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