Survey: Firms will keep XP after MS stops supporting it

Microsoft will officially stop supporting the popular Windows XP in 2014. But many IT departments aren’t ready to say goodbye just yet.

While businesses are much more fond of Windows 7 than they were of Vista, their previous upgrade option, they’re still split on whether they’ll move on to a new version of Windows before XP support ends, according to a recent survey conducted by Dimensional Research.

Just 47% of IT managers said they expected their companies to be running a new version of Windows after April of 2014, while 48% claimed they’ll still be using XP after the deadline passes.

That doesn’t mean they’ll stick with XP forever. Though the operating system is popular with IT, Diane Hagglund, a senior analyst at Dimensional, said most firms will likely update shortly after they stop getting security patches.

Also, Microsoft is likely to release another version of Windows before 2014, so that could change IT’s attitude as well.

How long do you plan on sticking with XP? Let us know in the comments section below.

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