Study reveals most likely phishing victims

Most commonly cited examples of phishing attacks target inexperienced Internet users who don’t know any better than to hand over sensitive information. But those folks aren’t the most likely victims.

A recent study has found that it’s the people who send and receive a lot of e-mails, conduct transactions online frequently, and maintain a lot of online relationships that are most likely to become victims of phishing attacks.

The reason? The found that the more e-mails and other messages people receive each day, the less attention they’ll pay to each one, The Star reports.

Also, being tech-savvy doesn’t necessary mean someone is aware of the threat, said Teju Herath, a co-author of the study and assistant professor of Information Systems at Brock University.

You can help protect your users by reminding them about the dangers of phishing, as well as recommending that they avoid using company accounts for personal business — that increases the likelihood of scammers getting a hold of their corporate address.

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