Study: Help desks are understaffed

This probably won’t come as a surprise to anyone who works in an IT department: The help desks charged with supporting users need some help of their own.

The ratio of IT employees to users is about 40% smaller than IT managers would like it to be, according to a recent survey by research firm Robert Half Technology. On average, the companies surveyed had one tech staffer for every 112 non-IT employee.

When asked what the ideal ratio would be, the average answer was 65 to 1.

The fact that there’s a wide gap between the ideal situation and reality shouldn’t come as a surprise to all the busy IT employees out there and the people in charge of managing them.

It also shouldn’t be surprising that smaller companies (those with 100-249 employees) are struggling the most reported the widest gap between real and ideal staffing levels.

What can IT managers do about it? One step Robert Half recommends: bringing in additional part-time or temporary help during the busiest times for the help desk.

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