Study: Pay gap for women in IT is gone

While the debate continues regarding the low numbers of women in IT and whether organizations should do anything to change it, one recent study offered a bit of good news: 

On average, salaries are equal for men and women in IT — at least when you compare tech pros with equal levels of experience and education and with similar job titles.

That’s the message from a recent report released by IT job board, which the organization said echoed the findings of previous studies going back to 2009.

According to Dice, IT is a more skills-driven field, so both men and women in IT are compensated based on their knowledge and how they apply it to real world problems, with other factors having less of an impact than might in other types of jobs.

In addition, the two sides are almost equally satisfied with how much they’re paid, as 58% of women say they’re happy with their current salary, as do 56% of men.

Where are the women in IT?

Overall, compensation across genders is different — women in IT currently earn an average of $87,527 per year, compared to $95,929 for men. However, that gap is due to men holding higher positions within their organizations.

The authors of Dice’s report noted its impossible to tell if that’s the result of personal choice or institutional bias. But one thing that is clear is that women in IT are a minority, and that’s even more the case for women in IT leadership positions.

While women hold 56% of all professional jobs in the U.S., just 25% of tech jobs are held by women. The disparity gets even more stark as you move up the ranks, as only 11% of Fortune 500 tech company executives are women, and women own just 5% of tech start-ups.

What do you think? What — if anything — should be done to increase the numbers of women in tech jobs and IT management positions? Let us know your opinion in the comments section below.

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