Some workers would give up a raise or spouse to telecommute

A recent poll reiterates what IT managers have probably heard a lot on their own: A lot of users would like to get set up to telecommute. 

Most American employees (62%) want the option to work from home, according to a survey sponsored by TeamViewer, a maker of remote access software. Half of respondents said that new technology has made telecommuting easier, and 54% believe they would be at least as productive as they are in the office. That includes 32% who think they’d get more done at home.

When asked what they’d sacrifice if it meant they’d get to work from home everyday, workers offered up some pretty big items, such as:

  1. Social media (34%)
  2. Texting (30%)
  3. Chocolate (29%)
  4. A smartphone (25%)
  5. Shopping (20%)
  6. A salary increase (17%), and
  7. Half their vacation days (15%).

One interesting result: 5% of respondents said they’d give up their spouse for the chance to telecommute.

While losing a spouse — along with many of the other items on the list — isn’t something a company would ask a potential telecommuter to do (we hope not, anyway), the fact that raises and vacation time made the list is worth noticing.

Telecommuting can be a useful benefit to offer members of your IT staff if you can’t increase salary right now — and getting more users remotely connected is one way IT can help other departments with recruiting and retention.

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