How to sell your small business to potential IT employees

Competition for IT employees is high right now, and many small companies may find they’re having trouble attracting top talent. But there are some ways smaller organizations can use their size to their advantage. 

Large enterprises typically have greater resources at their disposal compared to small and mid-sized businesses (SMBs) when it comes to recruiting workers — they can often offer higher salaries, lower healthcare costs, more training and a number of other benefits.

But SMBs have some advantages of their own when recruiting IT employees. The key is thinking of all the reasons it’s better to work for a small organization than a large enterprise. For IT pros already working for a small business, thinking of some examples shouldn’t be too difficult.

Here are some examples of how to convince potential IT employees that a small businesses is the right choice for them:

1. More chances for hands-on learning

The key to recruiting IT pros for small businesses: Stress the advantages of working for a small company compared to a larger one, says Mary Shacklett in a recent post on Tech Republic.

One of those advantages is that IT staffers in SMBs typically get the the chance to work on several different aspects of IT. In comparison, in a huge enterprise with a large IT department, roles are typically much more specialized. Hands-on learning is a benefit most IT pros want, so a diverse job could be a strong selling point.

2. Greater involvement in the business

Likewise, IT employees in an SMB will likely have more contact with the business side of the organization, and therefore more chances to learn increasingly important business skills.

That access can also help IT workers feel more involved in the operations of the business and can help give them more power and influence over the way the company is run.

3. Stability and growth

Especially for new hires, smaller businesses offer greater opportunities for future growth compared to large companies, where promotions are often given based on seniority.

SMBs may also have an advantage over their bigger competitors in that they are less likely to have experienced layoffs during the recent economic downturn. If that’s the case, the company’s stability should be stressed to potential employees.

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