4 skills everyone in the IT sector should have

All IT jobs are different and require different sets of skills. But in this guest post, blogger Katie Belliveau lists some skills that can benefit everyone working in IT. 


If you want to move into a career in IT there are a few basics that you should make sure you have covered before you apply for any jobs. Although experience and qualification are of course a big factor in making you a valuable candidate, there are other skills that an employer may look for that can make you stand out from the crowd.

Many IT jobs involve teams jumping on and off various tasks, and this means that an individual’s skill set should cover a broad range of basic topics. Now by basic, we don’t mean knowing how to type up a Word document, we mean what an IT firm owner would consider. That may include:

1. Photoshop

Photoshop is a brilliant tool for editing images, developing graphics and all round makes producing media for various things easy. In areas such as web design, by learning how to use at least some of the tools of the software you will be sure to put yourself ahead of the competition.

If you’re going for a designer’s position, you should seriously consider purchasing a copy and getting to grips with it. There are plenty of published works you can get hold of.

2. Multivariate data analysis

If you want to move into a position that involves the production of websites, you should make sure that you understand various methods of testing their effectiveness once they go live. This includes A/B Split and Multivariate Data Testing (see Camo if you want to learn about software you can use).

Both of these analyse the way certain elements of a site affect the way people visiting the sites respond to them. This can include using different text, using different colors or deciding whether to use images or a block of text. This is especially good to know if you’re looking to move into work where design and testing website responsiveness is a big part of the role.

3. Social media

It’s valuable to understand how Social Media works and how different sites can benefit businesses if they begin to use them. Clue up on sites such as Pinterest and Tumblr which are on the rise for business use to keep yourself ahead of the game.

4. Spreadsheets

Brush up on your Excel skills. The difference between being able to use the program and being able to master it could make the difference between you getting a job and someone else being taken on. If you can learn how to use various functions, you’ll be surprised at what you can do in terms of managing data in a new role. Explaining the skills you have to a potential employer will more than likely work in your favor.

Remember, you shouldn’t ever try and overestimate your skills when going into a new job, and honesty is always the best policy. If you exaggerate on your abilities you may come under scrutiny later down the line. Be yourself, and make the most of your opportunity.

About the Author: Katie Belliveau loves blogging and helping people make the most of the Internet. She regularly blogs on Social Media, Online Marketing and IT.

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