Shocking: Cyberattacks went down over the holidays

Conventional wisdom is that as the holidays approach, hackers start to ramp up their attacks. While this holiday season had some rough developments, for the most part, it wasn’t as bad as 2013’s. But the number of attacks is only one measure of their damage. 

In fact, although cyberattacks weren’t quite as common as in the past, those attacks may have gotten more advanced and lethal, according to IBM.

Attacks on retailers were down by a third in November and December of 2014 vs. 2013, according to the study. And retail breach incidents were down 50% from just two years ago.

The problem: These breaches are reaching more records than ever. Although the number of breaches was down, the total number of records compromised rose 43% in 2014 over 2013.

That means attackers are getting more sophisticated, and better at stealing information. They don’t need to launch as many attacks if the ones they do launch are effective.

Protect the whole

Security isn’t just about the number of attacks deflected or prevented: It’s also about limiting the damages they can cause. Perimeter defense is no doubt important, but shoring up internal defenses is as well.

This includes:

  • Isolating sensitive data from accounts and users that don’t need access
  • Turning off any remote access tools that aren’t needed and may be enabled by default on some applications
  • Requiring two-factor authentication for the most valuable or sensitive data.



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