Researchers announce new malware that attacks hardware

As if there weren’t enough security threats for IT to worry about already. Researchers have discovered a brand new type of malware that attacks specific hardware processors, rather than applications or operating systems.

The threat was discovered by Anthony Desnos, Robert Erra, and Eric Filiol, of the Ecole Superieure d’Informatique Electronique Automatique (ESIEA) security lab in Paris.

One reason this type of attack could be especially dangerous is the number of different processors out there is limited compared to the number of applications. So a hacker could write an attack for a certain processor and attack any computer using that hardware, regardless of what OS or programs are installed.

However, the researchers don’t expect attacks of this type to be a legitimate threat any time soon, Darkreading reports. More work would need to be done before the attacks can be sophisticated enough to be useful for hackers.

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