Report: Small and mid-sized businesses aren’t ready for IT disasters

A new study finds that a third of small and mid-size U.S. companies have no plan for coping with an IT disaster. 

U.S. small businesses lagged behind their peers in Australia, France, and Italy in the “Acronis Global Disaster Recovery Index: 2011,” which polled 3,000 SMBs across a range of industries. Each had fewer than 1,000 seats in their organization.

The results of the survey were similar to those of a study in recent months by Symantec.

Among the findings: One in three U.S. firms reported having no disaster recovery plan in place.

Why is that?

Budget and resource concerns topped the list of reasons. Many businesses can’t afford the investment in planning and infrastructure upgrades to develop a disaster recovery program.

Another related factor: A lack of support from executives for backup and recovery plans.German and Dutch SMBs, it seems, have the highest rates of executive buy-in for disaster preparedness planning: Nearly 75% of German respondents believed they had support at the top levels of their company, while 69% of Dutch managers reported the same, putting them first and second in that category.In contrast, less than half of U.S. firms believed they had executive-level support for disaster planning.

IT managers’ best bet for getting those folks on board: presenting the case with plenty of metrics to show the enormous financial losses that can occur when there’s no plan in place.

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