Ransomware-as-a-Service takes skill out of cyberattacks

It no longer takes the best and brightest hackers to bring down a company. In fact, these days almost anyone motivated enough can do it.

For instance, take CerberRing, a ransomware that was discovered and tracked by Check Point security.

This Ransomware is all about being user-friendly. The service has a slick interface where attackers can easily set the price they’ll charge to decrypt files. It even has settings that allow them to up the demand if it goes unpaid long enough and control the rate of inflation for the ransom demands.

Attackers can even set up referral pages where other hackers who enlist someone into their scheme take home a cut of the ransom.

Simpler than ever, harder than ever to defend

This shows just how far attackers have come. Once, they were highly skilled computer experts who would spend as long as it took to take down their targets.

Today, attackers can get all the tools they need to get up and running on the black market: Everything from an exploit kit that probes for known weaknesses, to lists of potential victims, to compromised credentials and accounts that can be used on other sites.

Remind users: The threat of an attack is ever-present. If they lose focus on security or start to get complacent, there’s nothing to stop someone from taking control of their systems and demanding a ransom to get it back – and even then there’s no guarantee the files will ever be returned.

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