Protect your online reputation: Tips for IT pros

These days, a positive online presence is almost as important as an impressive resume when it comes to advancing a career. In this guest post author Heather Legg offers some critical tips for IT pros trying to manage their online reputation. 


Online reputations are becoming as important as résumés and references for advancing a career, especially in the IT industry. Anyone looking to hire or work with someone will look into the person’s online reputation. It is vital for anyone in IT to maintain a clean, positive online presence and protect their reputation.

Where are employers looking?

These days, nobody has to look very far to come upon information on someone. Having an updated LinkedIn account is just as important these days as having an updated résumé. In fact, maybe it’s more important — many résumé writers are offering to touch up LinkedIn profiles as part of their services. Often, before companies even look at a candidate on paper, they take a look at the person’s LinkedIn profile.

It is important for IT pros to keep their LinkedIn pages professional. And that includes other social networks as well. As a professional, any type of social networking page needs to stay in line with high standards, as recruiters and hiring managers will typically look at candidates on a variety of social networks.

Your current company’s page

Another place a possible employer may look is on the website of an IT pro’s current company. While they may have to rely on someone else to actually make the changes, IT pros can help themselves by notifying the person who maintains that information when a current online bio or profile is outdated.

Birds of a feather …

Just as in real life, IT pros who surround themselves with professional, successful people on social networking sites can portray that same image for themselves. It looks good to have connections with other successful professionals on your LinkedIn page and other social networking sites.

Stay consistent

Just as résumé padding can get job seekers in trouble, similar problems can occur if they embellish their experiences and accomplishments on social networking sites. That’s why it’s crucial to make sure everything is honest, accurate and consistent across all sites.

Negative content

In addition to content IT pros publish about themselves, it’s important for IT pros to keep an eye on what other people are saying so they can avoid having surprise negative content floating around and hurting their professional life. If it gets too difficult and time-consuming, IT pros can work with a reputation management company who will manage their online reputation while they work on their career.

About the author: Heather Legg is a freelance writer in the Atlanta area who writes on a variety of topics including careers, education, and small businesses.

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