Overlooked ways to extend laptop battery life

Have users with laptops complained their batteries don’t seem to last as long as they used to?

Of course, they can use less power by turning down display brightness, shutting off WiFi and other tricks. But here are some more overlooked tips you can pass on to users and IT staffers to extend the lives of laptop batteries:

  1. Keep batteries at room temperature — Heat can kill a battery. Warn users not to keep laptops in their cars or put computers into carrying cases before they’ve had a chance to cool down.
  2. Take out the battery if you’re working on AC power for a while — Using a laptop while its plugged in constantly recharges the battery. That can start to do damage after a while, so many experts recommend taking the battery out if the computer will be plugged in for a week or more.
  3. Don’t (normally) drain the battery completely — Frequently using the battery until it’s down to its last drop can do irreparable damage. However, experts say it’s good to let battery fully drain once every 30 charges or so.
  4. Get a higher capacity battery instead of a spare — Battery life deteriorates over time, whether the battery is used or not. So it doesn’t make much sense to carry around a spare that never gets used.

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