Nigerian hacker behind over 4,000 scam attempts

Who still falls for the Saudi oil representative and Nigerian prince scam?

Turns out, at least 14 people around the world.

A hacker based out of Lagos, Nigeria has sent emails to over 4,000 organizations asking for financial information to promote a trade.

The fact that he’s managed to dupe anyone has security researchers at Check Point, a cybersecurity software company, baffled.

The hacker used a yahoo email and a generic subject line “Dear Sir/Ms.”

Researchers estimate that he’s been able to make a few thousand dollars so far, with some high-profile targets such as a mining company in Egypt, an oil and gas firm in Kuwait, and a construction company in Germany.

The hacker wasn’t very careful with his personal information, however, as researchers were able to pinpoint his exact location and reveal his identity through his emails.

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