New site tells users how employable they are

For a few years, employers in the tech sector and elsewhere have been using social media sites to find job candidates and research potential employees. Now, a new web service aims to help evaluate how people’s web presence will help or hurt their chances in the job market. 

The site is called Identified, and the service is currently in beta.

The site connects to members’ Facebook profiles and evaluates both their own information and friends’ information, including education, work history and demographic data.

Based on that data, the site spits out a score from 0 – 100, which is meant to indicate how in-demand the person should be in the job market.

The score is based on what employers using Identified are searching for and how a user’s data matches that. The site also figures out the scores of the user’s friends, which can affect the person’s own score.

While it’s unclear how closely scores assigned by Identified match the reality of what organizations are looking for, many job seekers could use all the help they can get in navigating the world of social media recruiting.

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